Omega Group LLC (OGL) is a Quick Reaction Services (QRS) company formed to meet customer overseas requirements in support of base camp operations in austere environments. Our people are YOUR best asset. Everyone of us at Omega have spent our lives running operations overseas for both military and civilian projects including aerial surveillance, port operations and power generation support.

Omega has the capability to provide a rapid response with the personnel and the parts and equipment in support of flight operations, pipeline surveillance support and humanitarian relief. We can purchase or lease aircraft and remotely piloted vehicles and have the ITARS compliance expertise to meet Department of State guidelines. We also provide the communications support by way of SATCOM beyond line of sight (BLOS) and communications on the move (COTM) to meet the requirements of overseas operations.

We have the program managers, the pilots and sensor operators, mechanics and communications expertise. We have the logistics pipeline to provide the equipment needed to run your site as well as keep your fixed wing, UAS or rotary wing aircraft flying. And we have the engineering and design staff to put the right avionics or sensor gear on your aircraft on the fly.

With hangars located in Lakeland FL, offices in Hagerstown MD, Alexandria, VA and soon to be opened in Panama City, Panama and operations support in Malta and Nairobi, Kenya, OGL can support, staff and supply operations in Southwest Asia, Africa and Central and South America.

“Have Operation Will travel” (HOWT)